Friday, February 1, 2008

My First Revit Project - Part 1

You're probably got it backwards Dave! Well, not really. It was all calculated ;)

I planned to visit several projects last Wednesday and I wanted to get some good pictures as I walked my first Revit project. Everyone on the team is very happy about how the project is turning out. Since the learning curve was fast and furious, we're calling it a "painful success". It sure paved the road for other endeavors. You have to start somewhere!

This Junior High School is slated to open in August and we're hoping it will be at Substantial Completion in June. I'll keep this post devoid of text and let the images speak. You'll also see some sectioned shaded views and other Revit presentation materials. Feel free to post comments with questions if you want to know more.



View towards Entry


Second Floor

Adjacent to Dining Room

Fine Arts

Overall Exterior

Library Exterior (Bottom is a Revit shaded view)



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