Friday, April 11, 2008

A tale of a ghost

So I'm sitting here kicking myself for not thinking of this earlier, but now I'm a better man for it!

Bill comes to me in desperation..."I have an image that is printing in every single section and elevation view, but it doesn't show up in the actual view!". I looked at him in awe....I thought he had a sip too many. "Bill, that can't possibly be true! Don't you know that what's not in your view, cannot print?! That's a Revit basic behavior!". So I reluctantly stroll to his desk and we open up the project file. Sure enough, the darn raster image shows up in the Print Preview. So I start troubleshooting....turning visibility of links, raster images with absolutely no positive results. Then Bill pointed out that if the crop region doesn't include the first level, the image goes away. I immediately start blaming some project corruption on the level and thought that we're going to have to send it to Autodesk Support.

And then it hit me.....I turned off all Imported Catergories (those awful DWG files) and the raster images vanished from the print preview! Hurray! Problem solved. Don't ask me how that raster image got there in elevation in all section/elevation view of all orientations, as the dwg files were used as backgrounds for casework and other things that we didn't do in Revit in plan, but that's what was wreaking havoc. Pretty simple issue to resolve....DON'T USE DWGS!!

Well, use with caution :)



Sammy said...

This is not possible with revit 2012

can you save this template and let me have it?

Best regards

Sammy Denmark

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