Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Tech-Support moment

I just had to blog this….too funny. Yes, it just happened, really! The identity of the “innocent” has been replaced to protect their privacy ;) Mine is exposed….no shame!

Simpson [5:36 PM]:
is there a way to override the cloud definition for a sheet vs. a view?

Baldacchino, David [5:37 PM]:
you can override in both

Baldacchino, David [5:37 PM]:
Sheet views have V/G too

Baldacchino, David [5:37 PM]:
which is stupid, but I digress

Baldacchino, David [5:37 PM]:
You see why Overrides are evil?

Simpson [5:38 PM]:
found it....the VG has the pale color blue but the weights say "no override" already

Baldacchino, David [5:38 PM]:
You should just override GLOBALLY because otherwise you end up chasing overrides all over the place

Simpson [5:38 PM]:

Simpson [5:38 PM]:
now I got red....but still no weight

Baldacchino, David [5:38 PM]:
And, now we also have object-level overrides! Please give me a gun!!

Baldacchino, David [5:39 PM]:
Do you have Think Lines turned on?

Baldacchino, David [5:39 PM]:

Simpson [5:39 PM]:



Greg said...

I wish I could break that button.

We're not in AutoCAD anymore people. Let's start drawing with lineweight so we don't waste time adding what we can't see.

And if you need to see more make a callout. The contractor can't turn off the lineweights you know.

Okay, it can stay but let's put a timer on it. Once you turn off lineweights you have 5 minutes before they turn themselves back on. I'd like that!

Dave Baldacchino said...

How about a beeper like in cars, warning you that you're not wearing your seat belt? :)

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