Wednesday, August 13, 2008


If you work in the corporate world and don't follow Seth Godin's blog, you're missing out. Today's post is absolutely brilliant. It really hits home and one can draw a lot of parallels to Revit implementation. How many times have we heard the "well, we have not started seeing time savings on our projects when using Revit" that REALLY what this is all about? Then I'm not really interested in it! It's about the additional value of services and quality guys.



Aaron Maller said...

Awesome post, and you are 100% correct about the *use* of Revit, and the perceived point in using it.

This is ANOTHER of the battles i fight constantly. While Revit IS faster, and lets us do the same thing better and easier, MY belief is that means instead of JUST doing that, we can do MORE, and give MORE, and be more valuable as architects.

Too many people in the industry are saying "i can do X faster and cheaper, and ill continue to only do X..." and its a disappointment.

Even more humorous to me, is one firm i spoke with recently, who all but said "We dont want to take the "hit" on the first job we roll out Revit on, nor do we want to invest in new hardware, or pay for expensive training. But we want the benefits of it...."

People are getting lazy. They want new things, so they can do the old things, and nothing more. Very very sad. :(

Dave Baldacchino said...

Haha nice one. It's like saying "I want to win a gold medal, but I'm not really into training for it" lol!

Revit, without proper support, can present dangerous pitfalls (aka: overmodellingthebejezus). Most of us are still learning to steer our way around and instill good habits. As speed picks up, it'll start freeing us to do more (analysis, more design iterations, better risk assessment and improved quality control, more time to THINK how we can better deliver projects, etc). Right now we know we're part of something great, we just don't know exactly how it's going to shape out. But isn't that why we need visionaries? ;)

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