Thursday, December 4, 2008

AU - Day 3

I opted to start the day a little slower and purposely missed the morning keynote. To my surprise and that of others, some snippets of future releases of Revit were shown, such as the Ribbon interface, and what looked like better freeform modeling tools. I didn't see them myself but the air was buzzing with excitement and people were texting each other. I know Aaron, you don't like the ribbon ;) Hopefully we will not have to wait too long before seeing these changes.

Later I decided to go to two Unplugged sessions instead of a scheduled class. These were really informative, great discussions led by Robert Manna of Burt Hill and Scott Brown of WATG. The discussions revolved mainly around management of large project teams, with the aim of documenting some best practices that are not found out there and are based on experience running such projects. I had to slip in late and out early for a lunch meeting (this year is turning out to be crazier than usual!).

We went for lunch at Mario Batali's restaurant in Piazza San Marco (too bad it wasn't the real one!). I had some pasta that was to die for, perfectly al dente, as BIM Managers/Coordinators from around our offices and our Director of Technology met and discussed some topics over a great lunch. Thanks Bob!

In the morning I met Kyle Bernhardt of Inside the System (in his new role as Product Manager for AEC Sustainable Design) and he kindly invited me to join a focus group discussion on the subject. I have to confess that I have only just scratched the surface so far in the use of sustainable applications (such as the VM-Ware Revit Architecture plugin), but intend to push myself and others to learn and use more products in our practice, such as Ecotect. So I attended this session after lunch and we started slightly later because of a scheduling misunderstanding. I'm actually more surprised that things like this don't happen more often!

Once again I slipped out early. I hate doing that but I had something else scheduled that I needed to attend. I arrived slightly late but we actually started 10 minutes after I got there. Yep, I could have stayed a little longer at the previous event! Oh well. Here I saw some strategies and direction of future products and we'll leave it at that.

I attended part of a class where one of my colleagues, Nate Renfro, and his buddies of the Revit DC User Group presented a class on Real World Problems and Real World Solutions. It was a class filled with great tips.

I ran into several AUGI friends at the lounge, like Mike Gatzke and the "Rock'n'Roll Architect". Later I went to the AUGI meeting, collected the Beer Mug and off I went to the AUGI Beer Bust, and drank a diet coke (loser!).


I visited a couple of booths and then decided to go to the Pecha-Kutcha, It was the first time I attended (decided to do this in lieu of the Design Slam. I'll attend the finals tomorrow). It was great and later shook hands with Laura Handler of BIMx, who turns out to be quite the clown (I mean that in a nice way) as she gave a very entertaining presentation. And oh, I had my first and only beer.


After a trip to the exhibit floor for the last time, I met up with my work colleagues (sorry Mr. Balding; couldn't find ya!) and we went to an Avatech party at Tao. We had some munchies, plenty of eye candy and I grabbed a water (I'm an alcoholic). I did run across Steve, who introduced me to several other people, including Hiroshi Jacobs, who is one of the founders of Revit City.


On my way back to my room, I ran into Ed Goldberg and we had a quick chat. What else could I want from my day? I can finally get some rest!



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