Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Revit 64 bit? Don’t use IE8!

I’ve been experiencing crashing events with both Revit 2009 and 2010. I finally narrowed it down to Internet Explorer 8. The funny thing is that these problems started with the released version of IE8 and not the Beta! This was filed this with Autodesk Support and turns out to be a known issue. Their response perfectly describes the symptoms I was experiencing. You have now been served!

“Thank you for choosing Autodesk Support.

Internet Explorer 8 is not recommended to be installed when used with Revit 2009 64 bit. There is a known issue with the recent files screen. The Recent Files menu is an HTML based window and uses Internet Explorer and has not been designed to be used with IE8.

IE8 is also not recommended to be used with Revit 2010 as it has not been designed or tested with it. The same problem does not exist with the recent files screen in the same way but it is apparent that if you have the recent files window up and TAB+CTRL between your windows while using 64 bit and IE8, it will crash. You can use IE8 if you do not have the recent files window open.”



Anonymous said...

IE8 'final'(yea right)is crashing not only my sidebar in Vista x64 (with SP2) but other programs too like Excel, GRID, and Windows Explorer. I keep getting "program stopped working" messages. All this after reinstalling Vista 3 times to try and find the prolems. Not sure if it's IE8 dirrectly but something is triggering DEP warnings in Vista after either the install of SP2 or IE8 :(

Dave Baldacchino said...

Can't believe the Beta was more stable!! Should have kept using it.

NKramer said...

Any update on this? Did the web or Microsoft updates fix it?

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