Monday, August 17, 2009

More on the UI – Text Leaders

EDIT: As of Revit 2011, the following has been solved. Thanks for listening!

Minor thing perhaps, but they all add up, don’t they?

Text Leaders - existing

The text leader option buttons in 2010 can be a lot better. First off, it’s hard to visually tell the difference between them and you have to read the label. The old ones were better at communicating their function.

Location is also an issue. Why stack them? It’s not intuitive at all. If you have left and right options, place them in left & right positions and not top and bottom!

Text Leaders - proposed

Finally, if you’re reading this post, make sure to visit this other post and submit your feedback immediately. You’ll be helping yourself and others as well.

PS: Oh look! Seems like better leader icon placement is in the works. However, that ‘A’ is obnoxiously big and distracting. Make it smaller please!



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