Thursday, August 6, 2009

Revit Training

During hard economic times, most firms commit the grave mistake of cutting their training budgets and support staff. It’s the easy way out and the easiest line item to justify. If I had my own firm, I’d figure out a way to keep it going and instead of laying half my staff off, I’d retain the good guys and invest in them so they’re even stronger when things turn around. You’ll need them more than ever when a wave of work hits your office.

This blog isn’t intended to advertize, but every once in a while something worthwhile comes by and you can’t help but pass it on, especially when asked nicely! So here goes a little bit of an ad for those who believe in the importance of training.

You surely heard of famous author Paul Aubin. Just don’t hold it against him for writing about AutoCad and AutoCad Architecture! He’s been teaching at Autodesk University for a long time and always has a very busy schedule. His Revit classes are very popular and so are his books. Lately he has been conducting online training and I’d highly recommend you to consider this option for your training needs. Here’s the pitch…I’m waiting for my cut Paul ;)


Paul F. Aubin Consulting Services began offering online live training classes earlier this summer. Several classes have been conducted and the reviews have been very positive. So far we have conducted a two-part Revit 2010 Conceptual Modeling Introduction (recorded sessions available for purchase now), a Tips and Tricks class and we are now in the midst of a five-part Family Editor Series (space still available).

I am writing today with exciting news. Session 1 of the Mastering the Revit Family Editor five-part class was attended by nearly 70 people! Initial feedback on this first session is very positive. We have switched to a new version of GoToMeeting software for this event that allows up to 200 registrants! Therefore we still have plenty of space available. Session 1 has been recorded and is available to all registrants now! Therefore, there is still time to sign up. Register today and view the recorded session to catch up before Thursday’s Session 2 airs.

These classes are conducted using GoToMeeting software. They are LIVE classes, not recorded and will be conducted by Paul F. Aubin using advanced materials from the latest edition of Mastering Revit Architecture (available August 7).

All registrants receive a 44 page handout and downloadable dataset with complete class notes and step-by-step tutorials from the class. These materials are not available any other way.


Mastering the Family Editor Series Class Information:

Five sessions will be taught in 50-minute segments every Thursday for the next four weeks.

A registration page has been posted containing complete details on each class. Please visit:

Complete details are provided including, schedule, class size, pricing, registration information and secure checkout via PayPal.

Class Size:

The class size has been expanded to 200 participants! A registration is required for each computer that logs into the meeting. However, you are welcome to login on one machine in a conference room and use a projector. If you have any questions, please visit:, or reply to this email.

If you are interested in seeing the new release of Revit Architecture first-hand without having to leave your desk, sign up today for one or more of these information packed sessions. I Look forward to "seeing" you there!


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