Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Editing Linework

Objects in Revit are shown in a view based on the Object Styles settings. Each view can then have its own overrides as defined in the Visibility/Graphics dialog and finally, each object can also be overridden at the instance level.

lineworkRevit also allows us to further refine how the different object edges are represented by using the tool on the Modify tab. In essence, you select what line style you want a particular edge to be and simply click on it to override. In some cases you’ll notice a blue grip at the end of each overridden line, but in other cases you don’t get them.

What do the grips do? They let you refine even further! By moving them along the edge, you can define where you want the override to apply. In other words, you define the start and end of the override.


Here are the basic rules for grip availability:

  • If the edge is a projected line, grips are available
  • If the edge is a sectioned line, grips are not available

I don’t know about you, but I find myself needing grip control in section views all the time. The current implementation makes it unnecessarily difficult to embellish sections when trying to utilize the model elements. Instead you end up having to draft & mask over more than should be necessary because you cannot adjust linework extents for sectioned elements. Am I alone on this?



Paul F. Aubin said...

Totally agree with you. I would love to have grips all the time.

Priit said...

Yes ,I agree 100%

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