Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Phase Filter Overrides

I’m working on an Addition & Renovation job (yet again) and have been using phase filters extensively. Here are some of the things I would like to have when working on these types of projects:

  • Sometimes I need to change the representation of a phase filter override by view and not project-wide. For example in a presentation sheet, I might want to “color code” differently than for Construction Documents. Currently I have to change my phase filters, print to PDF and then change them back so my Construction Document views are the way I want them.
  • I use a colored solid fill to easily distinguish new from existing work. However when printing, I run into a problem as those solid colors don’t result in a nice, solid black on paper. Also when printing PDFs, you get colored fills instead and there are cases I don’t want that. So I have to change my phase filter overrides before printing. This shouldn’t be required. I would like to be able to not only print colored lines in black, but also colored fills in black.


Here’s what the view looks like on screen (this is only a small part of the job, so don’t think I’m doing restroom renovations for a living!). When printed to PDF with the Colors option set to Black Lines, purple cut & projected lines turn to black like I want, but the solid fill is still purple. This is the reason I think the above would be useful, especially because on certain printers, color fills turn into a nasty & inconsistent gray.

Example screen shot

I have might have more issues with Phase Filters, but that’s it for now. Comments and opinions welcome!



Anonymous said...

When you print you could just change the settings to print to black rather than colour. Unless you have other colour elements that you want to print on the drawing?

Patrick said...

Frankly, I would be happy if they just relabeled "New" phase as "Current" phase. It would cut the amount of explaining I do in half. IE, if your view phase is Existing, then New = the Current Phase. New has nothing to do with New Construction. ACK. The little things.

Dave Baldacchino said...

Michael, the current Color setting ONLY works for lines. That's why I suggested a much more clear dialog layout with two drop-downs: one for lines and one for fills. You cannot print fills in black currently.

Ramy Hanna said...

Dave, hope all is well. I have a question for the Revit Guru. I am wanting to print to pdf as a vector file with shadows on. Is that even possible. Every time I try, Revit tells me that it will only create a raster pdf. Any hope for this one? I don't see why it's not possible.


Dave Baldacchino said...

Hey Ramy! All is great so far. I have been meaning to get in touch and compliment you on the Klein's fantastic!

Anyway, the response to your answer is...nope :( Once you turn on shadows, the output is going to be rasterised. As long as shadows are off, you'll get a vector output (with the option checked). Are you trying to get the outline of the shadows as a vector line?

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