Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Revit Families: To Split or Not to Split…

Materials can be applied many different ways in Revit families, directly to the geometry, by category and even with a parameter but that is not all. One of my favorites is combining multiple tools to create an inlay effect without additional geometry. The key to accomplishing this is using the split face tool along with the paint tool.

In the family editor:
  1. First select the Split Face tool and then select the face you want to split.
  2. Next Revit will go into sketch mode allowing you to draw whatever shape you want within certain rules, faces may be split either by a single closed loop that is contained within the face or by one or more open loops whose ends lie on the boundary of the face.
  3. Finish the sketch.
  4. Make sure you have the material created be for moving on to the next step.
  5. Select the Paint tool.
  6. In the elements drop down select the material you want to apply, then move the cursor over the edge of the face you want to apply the material to making sure just the face you want to be painted is highlighted.
  7. Hit “Esc” to end the command.

Additional you can apply a parameter (only in a family) to the face and drive the material by type or instance. To do this, create the parameter first before using the Paint tool. Then the parameter will be listed in the material drop down of the paint tool.





Anonymous said...


I recently have used this trick and found that it is easier to manage the material finish on family so that I don't have to create an addition geometry for different material.
Thanks for sharing!

Steven Campbell said...

Hey Thanks, hopefully you will find usefully tips in the future.

Ppppppp said...

just noticed the face in the picture frame..funny!

Dave Baldacchino said...

Quite a coincidence..a couple days ago a friend of mine was showing me a "broken" family that wasn't rendering properly. No matter what material was applied, it wouldn't render properly. Some edges did but others didn't. At first I thought it was a corrupt family but then I realized it had been painted in the family editor. So I owe you one Steve, I might have been scratching my head for a while as I never used that tool in the family editor before!

Steven Campbell said...

just noticed the face in the picture frame..funny!

Crayon sketch, it is much better then my driver's license photo...

David, I still think I owe you a couple before we are even. I have a slight advantage being on the inside.

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