Thursday, March 25, 2010

Autodesk’s gone mad?

So Revit 2011 has not been released (just announced today with a frenzy of blog posts out there), yet Autodesk already has started posting on their support site about Revit 2011? Something doesn’t seem right here! This is what’s up there at the moment:

Yes that’s right, custom elevation tags! It was never high on my priority list, but there you have it. That means less moaning this year (fingers crossed).



Adam Sheather said...


It's funny under the "Materials are not visible in a Revit view set to realistic visual style"
Option you scroll down to a list of Revit Supported Hardware link. "Finally!!" I thought but when you click on it, the page doesn't exist.

Very helpful!!!!!

Dave Baldacchino said...

Great observation! We're finally going to get a list after begging for years.

Elmo said...

Hehe, well at least we know that they are preparing stuff that will most likely pop up. A lot of the stuff you have given is questions that will most likely be asked or that people will come across when they go onto 2011.

Seems pretty straight forward solutions to me even though no one has had any issues as of yet! :)

I am also very excited to see what their list of hardware will be.

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