Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Hear Ye, Hear Ye!

Voting for this year’s AU sessions is now open! I won’t engage in public self-promotion (it’s very hard, mind you), so instead I suggest you go and look for your favorite speakers.
There are many to choose from of course, but here are some to watch out for (in alphabetical order, so no one says I’m being unfair and jeopardize some friendships):

  • Paul Aubin
  • David Baldacchino (oops!)
  • Jim Balding
  • Wesley Benn
  • Kyle Bernhardt
  • Harlan Brumm
  • Charlie Busa
  • Kelly Cone
  • David Fano
  • Jason Grant
  • Mario Guttman
  • Laura Handler
  • Jeff Hanson
  • Antony Hauck
  • Eddy Krygiel
  • Philip Lazarus
  • Krista Manna
  • Robert Manna
  • Matt Mason
  • Harry Mattison
  • Lee Miller
  • Brian Myers
  • Chris Needham
  • Jay Polding
  • Danny Polkinhorn
  • Jeremy Tammik
  • Beau Turner
  • James Vandezande
  • Eric Wing
  • Jay Zallan
  • Tomislav Zigo



BIM Troublemaker said...

A Vote for Philip Lazarus is like a Vote for Bacon! And everybody loves BACON!


Anonymous said...

can't vote, are you sure voting is open to people who haven't submitted proposals? When I follow the link I get a message saying I haven't submitted any proposals.

Dave Baldacchino said...

I'm pretty sure voting is open to the public. You have to have an AU online account though I believe.

Phil, loved the proposed calendar prize ;)

Dave Baldacchino said...

Forgot to mention a fellow Houstonian, Philip Chan. Vote vote vote!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Dave,

Appreciate your support!

Philip Chan

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