Monday, September 27, 2010

Revit Server

A hot topic in today's global economy is: how can we collaborate with other professionals in geographically dispersed locations in a Workshared Revit model? Plenty of large firms have invested a lot of money in WAN acceleration technologies, sometimes with unsatisfying results. Welcome the Revit Server. Oh, and the software is free for subscription customers!

Essentially, you need to set up one central server location, regardless of how many office locations you have, and one additional server in each of your offices ('local' server...not to be confused with your local files). In its simplest form, the local servers caches data from the central server behind the scenes to each local (office) server. So the connection between the satellite offices and the central server needs to be very good. There will also be a web-based management tool that IT or a BIM manager will use to manage projects and folders. All permissions will now be saved on the servers and not in your backup folder. So the local office servers are transparent to the end user and serve the purpose of enhancing the user experience in terms of working speed by caching only the delta locally (only the bytes of data that change). For the current implementation, you will host all your projects on the central server and each office can see everything.

Currently, the local and central servers will be behind your firm's firewall. In the future though, this technology could open up the possibility of multi-firm collaboration.

If you have WAN acceleration, you're not going to throw away the money you have invested. But you might want to try this system first and then think about WAN acceleration if performance is not satisfactory and you don't own the technology.

Note that it is recommended to not set up your servers on other servers running intensive services, such as Exchange or VoIP.
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Steve Bennett said...


Now the question is - when?

Dave Baldacchino said...

Keep an eye on Subscription center starting tomorrow!

Mark Reid said...

It's not there yet...

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