Thursday, January 13, 2011

The AUGI Forums are back!

Happy New Year to all! Sorry for my silence. Been travelling to Europe visiting family, getting stuck in the Heathrow airport mess, getting sick with the flu twice and spending 2/3 of my vacation with fever, coughing and the works. And as you can expect, very little energy to post!

So some good news: As of January 10th 2011,  the old AUGI Forum data is back! You can read more about it here and can now access them at Old links should work as before.

Some tips: Make sure to clear your AUGI cookies in your browser. Try looking for cookies first and if you’re unsuccessful, just clear them all. You might have to log-off from the new AUGI site first before you’re able to log into the new (old?) forums. The new Expression Engine forums will be archived and closed down for good. If you want some troubleshooting help, head towards this thread. Hopefully now AUGI is more autonomous and this debacle will never happen again.

I know that a lot of members are weary of returning to the AUGI forums and I respect their decision. Personally, I’m going to stick to these forums exclusively. I think that AUGI is now safer than ever and trust that it will strengthen its membership base over time. Let’s get to work!



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