Thursday, August 25, 2011

Face Painting in the Family Editor

joker-face-painting1You might recall Steven Campbell’s post Revit Families: To Split or Not to Split… (no, this isn’t his photo. I know, he’s in hibernation at the moment or so it seems). I honestly was unaware of that hidden feature until his article as in the past, I habitually just assigned material parameters directly to solids and never thought of face painting as a parametric option.
Unfortunately in Revit 2012, we lost that ability with the arrival of the new UI that gives us a visual palette of materials when painting surfaces. I really hope we’ll get it back in the upcoming service pack. The functionality is still there as families upgraded to Revit 2012 function properly. However if you “unpaint” the surface, you won’t be apple to re-apply the material parameter. So in the meantime if you need this functionality, start your family in 2011 and upgrade it once you’re done.

EDIT: This has since been fixed through this HotFix. Thanks Factory!



Paul F. Aubin said...

Didn't notice that was missing... That stinks. Did you alert the factory? We need that back!

Dave Baldacchino said...

They know about it but I have not posted a support request. Learned about it through a LinkedIn thread (sorry, forgot to credit the source!).

Steven Campbell said...

yikes, I am going to get ribbed on that photo... LOL

Dave Baldacchino said...

Look, Steve surfaced! Do you want me to change your profile picture? ;)

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