Saturday, July 28, 2012

2013 Views: Templates and Types

My top-rated new addition to Revit 2013 is the ability to create different view types, assign a view template and be able to make them dependent on it.

View Types

The great thing is that you get better control of your office standards and their usage. And who doesn’t like having drawing sets comply with well-established standards without having to waste time policing them? I know I do!

Recently I discovered a little issue. When design options are created in a project, these are checked (controlled) by all the view templates, so the users are not able to go to the Design Options tab in Visibility/Graphics and make changes to their views as necessary. And without design options actually existing in the template, you cannot uncheck them from the View Template settings as they are not available. Of course users can go and make changes to the View Templates themselves, but that’s something I’d rather not broadcast too much.

Turns out the fix is simple: add an option set and the Design Options become available in the View Templates dialog. Uncheck them so they’re not controlled by the View Templates and delete the option set when done. Now if users add design options to their project, this setting is remembered and there won’t be any issues with setting their visibility on a view by view basis.



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Working backwards to move forward! Alternatively we can paraphrase: "Revit!"

Approve this message or not. Revit is like cancer, there is too much money to be made with it to actually cure it.

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