Monday, September 22, 2014

Upgrade Warning

With Revit 2015 R2 (don’t try to keep up with version and update identification this year, it’s quite comedic!), we are getting some nice little things. One enhancement that deserves a thumbs up in my opinion is the prompt you get when opening a project that needs to be upgraded, since now the user gets the opportunity to cancel and not be forced to wait until Revit is done. This is especially nice when temporary upgrading of links is involved.

I’ve written about this in the past and so has Mr. Stafford, whose post from today got me thinking. I’m torn between wanting a show-stopper dialog that requires a click to continue, versus the new implementation. The former is better from a disaster-prevention standpoint because you have time to pause and think, especially when opening files that go through the upgrade process quickly and the probability of missing the warning is high. However since Revit does not give us any command-line tools for upgrading projects, nor the ability to suppress warnings, this would be quite disastrous for mass file upgrading via the API. In an ideal world, I would rather get a dialog that the user has to click an option to proceed, as long as we also have the ability to suppress warnings for automation’s sake when we know what we’re doing.



Erik said...

Mass upgrades are why I like Boost Your BIM's Version Reporter. I can hide the .dll in another location and I only get a warning when Revit launches. Moot, at this point though, I guess.

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