Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Minutia - Design Options glitch

I stumbled across this today during a training session on Design Options. It seems to be more of a "glitch" than a bug. Here's what transpired...

I had two plan views (called Option 1 and Option 2). Some walls were part of the Main Model while a couple others were part of Option 1 and Option 2. At one point I was explaining how you can set a design option to be the primary option and accept it, which would then delete all the elements belonging to "rejected" options. Revit also pops up a dialog prompting you to delete all views that were assigned to these design options, but also gives you the opportunity to uncheck some/all of them. So I tried this...unchecked all views and clicked Delete. The design options went away since I only had one Option Set, but now the plan view that was set to the "rejected" option set did not update. Click the link below for a video clip (no audio):

Design Options Glitch

But don't panic! There are two ways to nudge Revit into coming to its senses. Either enter and exit the Reveal Hidden Elements mode and the missing elements return in that view, or simply close the file (remember to save it first!) and then re-open and things start working properly once again.



coreed said...

i love the video make with the Jing Project. the no audio was no problem since i understood every thing you were doing. how's the file size.
this would be a great way to post answers to question on RevitCity, AUGI, and the like when possible.

on my way to download

Dave Baldacchino said...

Thanks, I was steered towards this product a while back on AUGI but never really used it. I have Camtasia, but then you still have to host the video somewhere and convert it etc. Jing Project makes it really easy (besides being free!). One of the great benefits is that you will not have codec issues.

File size is pretty good. I think a 3 minute video is about 5MB or so. The format is SWF (flash). You can save a copy locally to your drive and then upload it also to their site, which is what I do. This way if they ever go out, I should have a perfectly functional file that I can host somewhere else ;)

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