Thursday, September 23, 2010

Filters, View Overrides and Halftones

Here’s an example of something that seems to be broken. I created 2 floor types and 2 wall types, and called each one Object1 and Object2. Then I created a filter for the floor and wall categories, and filtered By Type = Object1. This way I could verify that the issue is not isolated to a single category. I assigned this filter to the Visibility/Graphics dialog, set an override for projection lines to Red, and the result is shown below:


Then I set a view override in addition to the above filter and made Floor projection lines as Blue:


Thus we can deduce that overrides are applied in this order

  1. Filters
  2. View Overrides

So far so good. Based on this order, one would assume that if I set an additional view override to Floors and Walls to Halftone, Object2 should halftone but Object1 should not, right?


Wrong! As you can see above, the halftone setting in the View Overrides is taking precedence over the filter. I’d say this is an inconsistency that needs fixed. Agree?



Paul F. Aubin said...

I dug a little deeper. I did see the results you saw, but actually it appears to me that the halftone on the model tab and the halftone on the filter are actually cumulative. So when I checked halftone in both places, I get an even lighter halftone effect on Object 1. Interestingly however, adding a further object override did not make it screen back even further. Interesting.

Dave Baldacchino said...

Thanks for pointing that out...forgot to write that in the post but noticed it too. Line and color settings have an override approach, so if they're not set in the filter, they'll be depicted based on the view settings. I would expect the same behavior for all view settings, but halftone (and transparency too) is just a check mark: it doesn't have the same override approach. It's one of those "I understand" things but it still doesn't seem right :)

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