Sunday, January 11, 2009

My First Revit Project - Part 2

The Dedication of a project is a special event, and today we can officially say that our team completed our first Revit job successfully in our office. We started designing & modeling three years ago, the school has been occupied since August 2008, withstood Hurricane Ike with some minor damage (walkway canopies) and today was the official dedication.

Below are some pictures I took as I walked the building after the ceremonies were over. One cannot help remembering the tough times and the lessons learned over the course of a project like this. I couldn't help noticing things that got built differently, but you have to let go at some point! There are things beyond one's control, and as long as you learn from those cases (if there's a lesson to be learned that is), then all is well that ends well. Thanks to everyone involved in making this project a success and I hope you enjoy the photos.



Ramy Hanna said...

Hey looks just like the revit model!

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