Monday, May 4, 2009

Help me please!

This is the feeling every new user experiences when getting into Revit (or any other app. for that matter). Revit comes with a decent set of datasets and tutorials which have been improving over the years. However when we open the Tutorials  section from the Help menu/button, we are presented with a page that tells us how we download the content. It’s not very helpful if you’re asked to do a bunch of stuff before you get help now, is it?


Your office might have taken care of this for you by downloading the content on the network, fixing your Training Files paths, etc. How nice of them! But that’s not always the case with everyone or you might be the BIM Manager taking care of this. It’s relatively easy to download and unzip everything to the correct folder. However in Vista 64 (this could also apply to Vista 32, not sure), the tutorial chm files might not work correctly unless you click a hidden button. This is what I got when I installed mine for the first time:



So with AUGI to the rescue in this post, William explains how to fix the issue by right-clicking the chm file and clicking the Unblock button. Sweet!

Training content for Revit Architecture can be downloaded from here. And for the benefit of our Engineering colleagues, here are the links for Revit Structure and Revit MEP.



coreed said...

i discovered this same thing myself after a whole day of re-installing.

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