Tuesday, February 9, 2010

(St)even more Trouble

I’m just having some fun playing with words and trying (hopelessly) to be witty. With no further ado, it is my pleasure to introduce a new co-author on this blog: Steven Campbell.

Steven is the Project Manager responsible for the Revit platform content, and has been working on this task since the pre-acquisition days. When you’re having a discussion with him, you have to make a fundamental assumption: everything is phrased in the context of the Family Editor. This is how I picture him constrained in said context:

Trapped in FE

He will undoubtedly bring a lot of tips, tricks and expertise through informative posts. I’m sure you won’t be the only ones learning a new thing or two from him. I suspect Families will not be the only topic of discussion either, but that remains to be unconstrained. Oh stop it!

The (2D) extent of our discussion has been limited to the simple fact that Steve is very busy, yet he wants to contribute and share with the Revit community. I’m very excited to hear what he has to say and in the process, this blog will surely continue to solidify its position as one of your favorite Revit resources. The (in-place) floor is all yours, my friend :)



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