Sunday, September 19, 2010

Mobile blogging

Excuse me for the unintentional last post, especially to those that subscribe by email. I was trying a few mobile blogging apps and it seems one of them auto-posts the drafts!

So far I think Blogger-droid seems to be pretty good for quick posts like this one.

I'm also posting a test image of part of my last project under construction. If you found a better app for mobile blogging from an android phone, let me know!
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craig barbieri said...

Why not just use blogger's built-in email capability?

Dave Baldacchino said...

Mainly due to embedding images and videos. With this app I can insert multiple images and have control over layout.

Nana Aris said...

hi..stumbled upon ur blog while searching for blogger droid tutorial..i'm a new user n i just want to ask how to put the pictures in between our stories like what you have done in this entry?

i only manage to insert the pictures into the entry and i dont know how to arrange it

thanks for your help

Dave Baldacchino said...

Hi, in Preferences, enable Advanced Editor Mode. Now when you insert pictures, you'll get the html tags showing in the body of your post so you can move them around where desired. Crude but it works.

I also found that at times, you need to add the
tag (line break) to get spaces between paragraphs. I haven't nailed down why sometimes it works and others it fails without them.

Nana Aris said...

thanks for ur help =)

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