Thursday, October 14, 2010

Frequent thoughts: Detail number on sheet

It takes users quite a while to realize they can edit the detail number of a viewport on a sheet. Why? Because discoverability is lacking. You have to select the viewport first, and then pick the detail number on the view title to edit it. Why aren't we able to click the view title directly and edit away? Ahhh, frequent thoughts...

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Anonymous said...

you can change the number of any view on a sheet, as long as that number is not currently occupied by another view. it does not matter what view type (plan, section, elevation, detail) that it is, with the exception that legends & schedules either do not have a view number (iirc)

Dave Baldacchino said...

Correct, but this post is intended to highlight an inconsistency in how data is changed from a "tag". Granted that the view title is not a typical object tag, but it's counter-intuitive to select the view first before being able to change the info. in the view title. Not to mention that we cannot snap/align the view title to other linework on the titleblock, which is very frustrating for some.

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