Tuesday, October 26, 2010

In-place Masses and Level Constraints

When constraining in-place masses to levels in the project environment, you might be faced with a number of constraint errors depending on how (where) you apply them.

There are a few other quirks which also seem to imply buggy behavior, so instead of a long textual post, how about a video? It’s been long overdue to set up a YouTube Channel for this blog! Here is the embedded video:


Or you can view it in HD by clicking here.



Unknown said...

Interesting, thanks for sharing... I hadn't noticed this until you had pointed it out. :-( I guess I spend more time in the CDE, where is seems to be less of an issue??? One point, when you select the surface you mention about the edge taking priority...have you tried to use the Align tool, this seems to force the surface as the priority selection.

Dave Baldacchino said...

Hi David, ur welcome :) I think it's an in-place mass problem. Somehow crossing the space between the in-place editing and project environment is troublesome. It's weird how you can still constrain to project levels by following a specific process and how a slightly different process fails.

Thanks for the align tip...since it prefers the surface, it's a better workflow than picking the surface and moving it. Although that makes me even more mad. Why have different rules? Just make one element take precedence over another and be consistent!

Dave Baldacchino said...

Didn't really get the official "this is a bug" response from Support but the issue went to Development.

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