Monday, September 3, 2012

Employment #2

This post is nothing like the one from 27 months ago. This time I am making a voluntary move in two weeks, purely because it is a great opportunity and not because I don’t like where I am!

The last two years have been fantastic. I have learned a lot about the business side of Architecture and can say unequivocally that I am a much better professional & still-unlicensed-Architect (working on it…almost half-way through finally) thanks to the collective experiences had here. I have learned quite a bit about healthcare projects in Texas and how to manage and mentor teams to get things done. It was rocky at times, especially the first few months, but I have to say that working at PhiloWilke was the best thing that happened to me. Amongst many responsibilities (mainly that of Project Manager and also Project Architect), I continued pushing for better BIM processes, thanks especially to the fact that the upper ranks of the firm had already embraced it, so there was never a battle to be had in that regard.

If you’re reading this and are looking for an opportunity to work for a 35 person firm that does 100% Revit projects and are not afraid to wear various hats, including that of a BIM Manager, then I highly recommend this firm. If you have the skill-set and talent to fill this role, please get in touch with me and I’ll be more than happy to pass your information along. Alternatively, go through here and email Ali directly.

So where am I headed, you ask? Not very far…to the Houston offices of HOK as Texas Region BIM Manager, so some occasional travel to the Dallas office is also in the near future.

This blog will also continue, hopefully with a little bit more frequency as family time and work allows. I am seriously bummed about not finishing up my 3 projects currently under construction or the ones that are soon to be, but I know they are going to be in good hands!




Rahul Shah said...

Congratulations Dave and good luck for your move.

Robert said...

Does HOK have a minimum number of BIM experts required to have the name David? :-) One left, one goes? I'm sure you'll have a grand time, hope you make it to AU!

Dave Baldacchino said...

Thanks Robert! Not sure about AU but we'll see. I would love to attend an RTC someday, gotta prove my worth first ;) As for the "David" question, I don't know, but I was sure bummed to hear of DL's departure. He's gonna do great in his new venture though.

Brian Beck said...

Congrats on the move and new opportunity. Keep an eye on that James V guy up in NY. ;)

Dave Baldacchino said...

Thanks Brian, I think James will be the one keeping an eye on me!

Alfredo Medina said...

Congratulations, Dave, and good luck with the new job at HOK.

Dave Baldacchino said...

Thanks Rahul, Brian and Alfredo :)

Cesar Trevizo said...

You get to have all the fun now printing the Revit model to their 3D Pinting machine ;p

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