Monday, August 5, 2013

RU going to RTCEUR 2013?

I had the pleasure of attending RTCNA 2013, which was held in gorgeous Vancouver, Canada. The best part was obviously meeting and hanging out with my peers from HOK, including some old and new friends. There is no substitute for meeting in person and it was great to do so after months of web meetings and conference calls.

Vancouver - Phillip Miller

As expected, RTC was worth its weight in gold. The level of most classes & labs and their presenters, were totally worth it. This is the conference you should seriously consider if you’re an intermediate to advanced user. But so should you if you’re a newbie to Revit! Autodesk University caters to a lot more than just Revit, so the abundance of Revit classes tends to be, shall I say, a little watered down in comparison, which is why year after year, advanced users tend to leave somewhat disappointed with the content. In the end, you cannot really compare them against each other as they are distinctly unique.

I truly wish I could attend the inaugural RTCEUR 2013 in Delft in late September. The venue is fantastic and I have no doubt that our EU BIM counterparts will have a slew of great classes and labs to impress with. It is going to be refreshing to see some presenters and material originating outside the US, not to mention how great it would be to hang out with David Light once again! There’s still time left to register, so if you’re still thinking about it, don’t! You will not regret it.



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