Instant 3D! - Revit Plugin


Easy way: Go to this page and install ToolManager. Not only will you get this plugin for free, but even a couple additional ones plus you can trial out some more free for 30 days. Any updates & bug fixes to these tools are delivered to you seamlessly.

More difficult way: Download the app from here and unzip the contents into a folder on your computer or a network location (see Known Issues below). Edit BoundingBox3DView2011.addin as follows and place in the Revit Addins folder (in Windows 7 64bit, the path would be C:\ProgramData\Autodesk\REVIT\Addins\2011

Edit path in Addin

How does it work?

In a model view such as a floor plan or 3D view, make a selection of objects of interest. Run the application through the Add-Ins Tab & External Tools pull down or a keyboard shortcut of your choice, and a dialog is displayed:

Bounding Box 3DView dialog

If the current settings meet your needs, just hit enter on your keyboard as the OK button has focus by default. If you change the bounding box margin or the 3D view options, these will be remembered next time you launch the command again (in the current Revit session). Once it finishes, open the new or modified 3D view.

If you can think of a better name for this app, please share it!

Known Issues:

  • If you run the dll from a network location such as a file server, you might get a .NET security warning balloon, which you have to click to dismiss. If this happens and you run the tool with no selection, Revit might crash. If you don’t get a .NET security warning, you might not experience this problem but to be safe, I recommend running the dll from your local drive.
  • Automatically launch the new/modified 3D view



Tim Ridenour said...

Where does the .dll want to live?

Dave Baldacchino said...

Anywhere you want, preferably on your C drive. Just make sure you edit the addin manifest as explained in the first image so it points to the dll location.

Mike Hacker said...

Will this work if you use Microsofts App-V and the dll is on a server somewhere ?

Dave Baldacchino said...

Not sure what that is...just try!

Philip said...

If you go to b.i.m.m English site, you can download a bundle app (3 free ones and 4 paid apps) where the instant 3D is included.
One of the filter tool (paid app but it is free for 30 days) is the one I used in 2009 version, it is nice to have it back again in 2011 version, it is worth checking it out!
Also, you don't have to mess with the dll file with this bundle app.

Dave Baldacchino said...

Thanks Philip, you're right. I edited this page to include ToolManager as the easiest way to get this tool plus the other additional ones!

olopez said...

After installing the easy way, I can't see the addin.
rac 2011 x64

Dave Baldacchino said...

Once you install tool manager, you then install the plugins

Anonymous said...

Does a version exist for R2012?

Dave Baldacchino said...

Not yet I believe.

Anonymous said...

any chance of getting this updated for 2012?

Dave Baldacchino said...

I have been using the B.I.M.M. Tool Manager and it's been working for over a year in 2012.

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