Tuesday, April 29, 2008

AU 2008

Have you ever attended Autodesk University? Perhaps you're already planning your trip to this year's gathering. If so, you might have a say in helping with selecting classes to be included in this year's catalog. Click HERE to take a survey and select your favorite 15 sessions. The survey closes on May 3rd, so hurry!!

NOTE: There are some Revit sessions under "Architecture Sessions - Other", so make sure to visit there too! (unfortunately some sumbissions ended up there because the classification option only listed Autocad Revit Architecture Suite and some speakers submitted their entries under "Other" and typed in "Revit Architecture"). You guessed it, I'm one of the chickens :)



Steven Campbell said...

So how many classes did you get?
Steve (the other Steve)

Dave Baldacchino said...

Ahhh Steve C! I don't know yet, they're supposed to notify everyone by 15th June I suppose. Note that I did not try to shamelessly advertise/single out any class...I messed up and the classes ended up on the wrong category in the survey so I needed to make sure they get a chance to be seen at least =) I still felt bad at advertising, although I tried to do it in the least obtrusive way. And no, I did not go to each PC at work and submit a survey ;)

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